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aida turner Aida, 23, Slovenia. Hello there, welcome to Lumiere Light Therapy! I’m Aida and this is my beauty blog where I write mostly about beauty & make up related stuff, but I like to spice it up a bit with lifestyle and photography posts. Or with whatever that comes to my mind. Besides this, I’m also the owner LippieHippie.com where I share all about hair products, coloring, hairstyle, and much more. Hope you will enjoy the reading enough that we will ‘see’ each other more often! If you have any questions or you’d like just to say hi to me, you can always contact me via email: [email protected] Connect with me: You should also sign up to my newsletter below to get free blog updates – I’d love to get to know you better!
Tatiana BarrieExecutive Editor: Tatiana Barrie Tatiana is a health and beauty copywriter and editor with more than 6 years of experience writing for various top online magazines. She has created high-quality web content for a wide variety of industries.