The 12 Best Skin Tightening Machines for Home Use Reviews 2021

Flaccidity is a problem that affects many people, especially women, and is a recurring cause of consultation in cosmetic cabinets.

There are two types of flaccidity:

  • The skin flaccidity that is characterized by the loss of firmness of the skin as a result of a notable decrease in collagen and elastin, by weight increase and decrease, pregnancy, etc.
  • The muscular flaccidity that is the hypotonia of the musculature, due in most cases to a prolonged sedentary lifestyle.

Whatever the case may be, there is currently a wide variety of appliances that treat flaccidity very effectively, eliminating it almost completely or minimizing it considerably.

Today I will show you the best equipment available today in the market to eliminate sagging.

What is flaccidity?

Flaccidity is the loss of muscle tone of our tissues, as a consequence of a change in our body, a morphological change.

On one hand, it can occur as a consequence of age, aging or genetics.

During aging, collagen and elastin fibers are no longer produced. Besides those that we already have, they begin to be less compact, these fibers are what support our skin.

Our skin loses support capacity and regeneration capacity.

On the other hand, it can occur due to diet, the sun, sudden changes in weight, excessive diets, pregnancy, or tobacco use.

We can have a lack of muscle tone that can only be improved by doing daily, constant and well-done exercise, with the help of a professional.

And, lastly, we can have flaccidity at the tissue level. This will only be improved with the help of:

  • Apparatology
  • Creams
  • Good nutrition
  • Exercises

In extreme cases, a surgical operation must be used to remove sagging skin.

But, hey! There is no need to go to those extremes.

For most of our sagging problems, we don’t even have to melt our entire salary in a beauty salon.

Take a look at the list that I have prepared with the best products to help you stretch your skin and your pockets.

Top Skin Tightening Machine for Home Use

Pure Daily Care’s Luma 4 in 1

This device combines different technologies in the same application: multipolar radiofrequency, VariPulse function, and magnetic pulse fields, generating a thermal reaction in the tissue that results in the genesis of collagen.

The multipolar radiofrequency that it has is responsible for the genesis of collagen. Thus, it performs a volumetric reduction and firming of the tissue with visible changes from the first session!

Also, its magnetic pulse creates currents that modify the potential of the cell membrane, resulting in tissue regeneration.

Moreover, its VariPulse is responsible for the heat matrix that stimulates the skin’s healing process. It also stimulates the blood circulation and drainage of the lymph, increasing the power of radiofrequency in the synthesis of collagen.

FAZJEUNE’s High frequency facial machine

Indiba is the star treatment using proionic technology that achieves tissue rejuvenation, the renewal of our skin and re-educating it for proper operation.

It manages to oxygenate the tissues, nourish them, regenerate them and form a correct collagen and elastin.

Therefore, we will have smoother and healthier tissues.

Also, it generates an internal heath, a localized fever that penetrates into the cells.

So, it is the ideal device to eliminate sagging skin!

5 in 1 Facial Machine, by Aptoco

It is a multipolar radiofrequency with pulsed magnetic fields so that the treatment is more effective, more painless and does not require rest time.

This radio frequency produces homogeneous and rapid heat.

It manages to reach multiple depths of our fabrics, thus favoring the maximum result.

Magnetic fields have been used for medicine, and their great regenerative power has been scientifically proven.

In addition, it can be used anywhere on the body, it helps regenerate collagen and elastin fibers and the proper functioning of the cells in charge of them.

Helps eliminate sagging skin in a few sessions, with almost immediate results.

Lift Care lifting wand

Radiofrequency with this device is not exclusively applied to the face, we can also enjoy its benefits throughout the body and treat cellulite, reduce stretch marks or combat flaccidity.

Its technology, based on the combination of radio frequency and LED light, allows us to enjoy younger skin and a modeled silhouette.

Moreover, the design is ergonomic, allowing different areas of the body to be treated, and it can be easily cleaned under water as it is waterproof.

NewWay Portable Stretching Machine

Designed specifically for facial use, this device offers up to 5 different light therapies.

In addition, you can carry out a cleaning with it that will help you remove all kinds of impurities before starting the treatment.

With your face ready, you can choose between enhancing the flexibility of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen, fighting acne breakouts or helping the absorption of facial treatments such as creams or serum.

Also, it is intuitive, easy to use and safe, without forgetting its effectiveness, making it one of our favorite facial rejuvenation devices.

Mlay Anti-Aging device

It is a device with double functionality, you can work body and face at the same time! What else do you need?

Its facial lifting and body toning treatment are microcurrents that stimulate the muscle at a deep level, re-educate the muscles.

Besides, it is non-invasive, risk-free and offers great results.

Wrinkles at the facial level are decreased, the facial muscles return to their original structure and the muscles of the body are toned.

In addition, it costs two heads that favor working intensively on specific and more problematic areas.

20 min of treatment in the abdomen equals 300 abs

Project E Beauty Face lift

Even if it is specified for beauty salons, who says you can’t have one at home?

Thanks to the combination of 3 different types of energy (bipolar, infrared radiation and LED light) and its 5 power levels, Project E Beauty face lift device restores collagen, stimulates cell regeneration and reduces wrinkles.

In addition, it incorporates HT anti-aging technology, to ensure young and radiant skin for longer.

It is easy to use, includes a conductive gel with hyaluronic acid and provides an immediate lifting effect from the first use.

Of course, if you want to enjoy lasting results, you have to be consistent and not abandon it as soon as you notice the first symptoms of rejuvenation on your skin.

Karloz 5 in 1 facial massager

In addition to reducing cellulite, it improves circulation and expels toxins and excess fat and water accumulated.

To achieve this, it comes with a triple action lipo-molding system: infrared, eccentric circular massage and pneumatic pressure.

Besides, it includes six interchangeable heads with different uses according to needs:

  • Pre-Treatment, ideal for stubborn cellulite and muscle pain;
  • Anti-Cellulite, head to tone muscles, prevent sagging and improve blood supply;
  • Body-Contour, specifically for performing lymphatic drainage on the thighs and buttocks;
  • Body-Contour Sensitive Skin, with a fabric protector for the most delicate skin;
  • Body-Modeling, ideal head for tired legs;
  • and the head of Massage Balls, which tightens the skin and, in areas such as the belly, eliminates toxins and improves intestinal transit.

As can be seen, the Karloz massager has several functions adaptable to each person and skin type!

NuDerma Lifting Device, by Pure Care Daily

Four words are enough to describe Pure Care Daily’s Nuderma massager: powerful, compact, ultra-efficient and lightweight.

This device that occupies the palm of the hand performs a fantastic massage that combines the technique of vacuum, vibration and infrared light.

With these drainage systems it is possible to tighten the skin to relieve the most painful cellulite, as well as stimulate circulation, metabolism and lymphatic flow.

This massager can be used daily and for long periods without danger of damaging the skin.

During use it is possible to select various massage intensities.

For example, for painful cellulite, it is recommended to start with low power and increase the intensity after several uses.

Unlike other models that offer more functions, this is a pure and hard anti-flaccidity massager with a single non-removable head and for no other purpose than to destroy sagging.

UANGELCARE Facial rejuvenation device

There are people who cannot afford to go to a beauty center to end flaccidity or to a physical therapist to soften their muscle contractions.

For them there are electric massagers like those of the Unangelcare brand, specially designed for home use and which combines quality and price.

This brand has always been linked to physical therapy to offer innovative, safe and efficient wellness and beauty solutions.

That is why they have this device out in the market.

It combines high intensity vibration with the heat emitted by the infrared, and it includes four heads to carry out different treatments.

Indeed, two of them are intended to combat flaccidity through wavy acupressure massages or to combine with reducing or anti-inflammatory creams.

The other two, for therapeutic use, serve to relieve cervical tension or remove dead skin from all over the body. A real home spa, don’t you think?

This model stands out because the speed is adjustable at any time and because its ergonomic design helps in handling.

Aliver chin mask

With the same system of hydrating face masks that you have surely used on several occasions, the Aliver V Line mask promises an anti-aging lifting effect, reducing wrinkles and firming the skin.

Some benefits attributed to its formula with vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, collagen and glycerol, and which you can enjoy for a very affordable price!

Biotechnique Advance’s Lifting Machine

It is the only one that performs a subdermal massage through phototherapy with which it stimulates the creation of collagen, activates the lymphatic system and models the silhouette, eliminating cellulite and localized fat.

And, you will ask yourself: how does it do it?

Well, through Biotechnique Advance’s technology that combines LED bulbs with infrared light and mechanical massage.

In this way, the heat reaches the deepest levels of the skin (subdermal) to recover its elasticity and undo the irregular lumps of fat that cellulite produces.

The four interchangeable heads included in it are also involved in the operation of this treatment and serve different uses for beauty and health: lymphatic drainage, cellulite, exfoliation and massage.

Although it is somewhat bulky due to its volume, its body is ergonomic and comfortable to handle, since it only weighs half a kilo.

Likewise, it hides a powerful but silent motor that has an auto-off system after 20 minutes.

Extra tips for skin care

One of the main causes of the appearance of flaccidity is poor diet. Extreme diets, meals between meals, or junk food cause sagging.

  • The skin is firm and elastic thanks to proteins (one of them is collagen), which are responsible for the formation of all tissues, including muscle.
    Daily you must provide them to your body with foods such as eggs, meat, fish, etc.

I would recommend you to take two servings of protein a day (at lunch and dinner) to have a healthy and formed muscle tissue.

  • Vitamin C is also essential for the maintenance of all tissues, since it participates in the mechanisms of collagen synthesis.

It is also an antioxidant, traps free radicals that are responsible for cellular aging. Include strawberries, kiwis, spinach, lemons in your diet, they are foods rich in vitamin C and help prevent flaccidity!

  • There are also foods that deteriorate the skin.

Try to avoid sugars, saturated fats, refined flours, etc, since they contain a lot of fat and blur the contours.

If one day you fall into temptation, try to compensate with exercise, plenty of water and protein the next day.

  • Hydrate your body by drinking at least 1.5 liters of water daily to have firm and elastic skin. If it costs you, use small 0.5-liter bottles to keep track.
  • Practice exercise 2 or 3 times a week, with this you will make the muscles smoother and firmer.

Try combining cardiovascular exercises such as running or jogging with other muscle strengthening exercises.

  • Facial gymnastics is also very effective in controlling flaccidity, provided you do it correctly and consistently.

It is important that you do the exercises in front of a mirror to see if you get wrinkles while doing them (it is a sign that you are doing it wrong) so that you can correct them.

Spend 5 minutes each day on these exercises; if you don’t do it like that, it’s useless.

Before starting to do them you need to have well-hydrated skin, with dry and unprotected skin more wrinkles are formed.


Today you do not need a professional spa to have access to the latest technologies for the care and improvement of your skin.

Here you will find different devices specialized in promoting and stimulating the cellular rejuvenation of your face!

Now you already know the main characteristics of a tightening device. But there is something that does not depend on the device. Remember, results depend on consistency and daily routine!

And do not hurry, since getting one of these devices is available to everyone. In fact, the twelve models selected in this liste have very different prices and that adapt to all kinds of needs and pockets, so go for it!

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