First appearances play a major role in the way humans interact with each other. This makes putting our best foot forward either in personal relationships or work places very important. Those suffering from acne, find this task cumbersome as acne cannot be regulated easily nor covered up effectively. Makeup does not help beyond a point as the skin might still look bumpy, besides makeup can aggravate the acne making it unsuitable for such skin types.

Blue Light Therapy

At Home Devices

Blue light therapy has been a miracle to those suffering from acne for many years. With the blue light therapy available to all, and also kits which can be used at home, acne prone patients are able to treat themselves and become confident in their societal interactions. Clear skin also boost self esteem.

Even though most kits come with clear instructions, it is always good to know what precautions and measures to take before administering the blue light therapy on oneself. Reviewers and users are able to provide such information on how to use blue light therapy for acne at home.

It is advised to use at home blue light therapy two or three times a week, for up to three months. This shows great results over time as the skin is stimulated and starts its own healing process.  Read more