First appearances play a major role in the way humans interact with each other. This makes putting our best foot forward either in personal relationships or work places very important. Those suffering from acne, find this task cumbersome as acne cannot be regulated easily nor covered up effectively. Makeup does not help beyond a point as the skin might still look bumpy, besides makeup can aggravate the acne making it unsuitable for such skin types.

Blue Light Therapy

At Home Devices

Blue light therapy has been a miracle to those suffering from acne for many years. With the blue light therapy available to all, and also kits which can be used at home, acne prone patients are able to treat themselves and become confident in their societal interactions. Clear skin also boost self esteem.

Even though most kits come with clear instructions, it is always good to know what precautions and measures to take before administering the blue light therapy on oneself. Reviewers and users are able to provide such information on how to use blue light therapy for acne at home.

It is advised to use at home blue light therapy two or three times a week, for up to three months. This shows great results over time as the skin is stimulated and starts its own healing process.  Each session lasts about 20 minutes, the time and frequency of treatments vary slightly from company to company. After the acne is cleared and results start showing, it is advised to use the treatments in less frequency. Once the acne is completely cured, it can be used only when necessary.

Cleansers can be used to remove any traces of makeup or dirt on the face before using the blue light treatment. The acne prone area can then be exposed to the blue light for up to 20 minutes. After which moisturizers or serums can be applied to the skin to aid the healing and repair of the skin. These topical treatments can go hand in hand with the blue light therapy without any side effects.

Choosing The Right Product

Depending on convenience and comfort, these devices are made to suit the needs of their users. Some are handheld and some can be used sitting down or lying down. What kind to invest in, depends entirely on the customer. Some blue light therapy devices are able to cover a lot of area, while some only cover a few inches. Ones that cover more are larger in size, ones that cover less are sometimes as small as a pen.

There are also some blue light therapy devices which are able to provide red light therapy too. This is highly beneficial, as blue light therapy works to eliminate and kill the acne causing bacteria and the red light therapy works to heal the skin and reduce scars.

Any such device approved by the FDA is a good choice. Even if it seems that the ones certified are a little pricier, is it always best to go with these choices. With dermatologist appointments and treatments going up to 100$ per session, it is highly affordable to invest in a blue light therapy device which come under 50$ and provide treatment for a long time.