There is a new company selling nail styling essentials, but with a twist. Their invention is not about the typical shellac nail paints that were in trend two years back. It is a completely new way to apply nail color, so get ready to be stunned. Their nail paint has brought a new revolution in the manicure industry, and it is time you know what and why!

What is SNS Nails?

SNS, abbreviated form Signature Nail Systems is a new type of nail manicure which requires you to dip your nails into colored powder. These nail prints have matte finish and need pre and post coating processes. This is a new addition to the world of nail salon, and is currently available at limited ones. This also gives you the reason to research and DIY, doesn’t it?

SNS nail manicure is a healthier alternative from gels and acrylics. Irrespective of your nail length, it will overlay on your nail. You first need to add a top coat, dip the nail onto the powder and then add the finishing coat. Both the coats keep the powder intact and retain the color. One great highlight is that it doesn’t need you to use UV light or primer for drying. It is easy to even out because you can do that before applying the final coat. SNS nail manicure lasts about two weeks without losing its sheen. Read below to know all the pros and cons to opt for this nail-styling method.


  • The dipping powder comes with Vitamin E and Calcium content for strengthening your nails. After doing the nail art process and keeping it for two weeks, you will feel the difference.
  • SNS nails powders are thinner and lighter than traditional gel manicure. It lets your nails breathe.
  • The process is absolutely UV free and takes less time.
  • You have a variety of colors to choose from, and they come in common color tones and designer shades. These are either matte-based or glittered finish.
  • Shellac nails hardly last for 10-14 days, where these can go up to 3-4 weeks. So women, who are not up for getting their nails done frequently, would love this.
  • After trying out SNS nail colors you will feel that they are less complicated compared to other types of nail art.


  • These nail paints are more pricy than shellac.
  • It is less available at salons, so you never know how long to expect for getting a manicure done
  • You need to use acetone for safely removing the polish and not damage your nails. This is more of a professional’s job, and a few might fail to accomplish desired results. For DIY, soak cotton pieces in acetone and then add it onto the nails. Cover nails with foil and then hold on. This turns out to be a time-consuming process as well.

Where to buy SNS product?

At first, try to locate a salon where you can get SNS manicure. It is the best way to start off and learn from the professionals. If you have salon locating app, make most use of it and contact them to confirm about their services. If you don’t get through to a salon with this service, log onto!

Click on this to redirect onto the SNS essentials and see all the options you could choose. Women who love French manicure feel that the SNS French Nail Dip Kit is a sheer blessing! It is probably the best way to bring out this form of nail art, and also help you get your hands on the product. If you don’t want invest big and you’re wondering that it might not work out for you, buy individual gels and color powders.

Once you apply this cutting-edge formula of nail styling, you’d probably like to buy the kits. If you have a salon of your own or are friends with someone who is, recommend this form of nail art. This is increasing in demand and will soon takeover in business.

We hope you’ve understood how this works and would start off with painting your nails soon. Do let us know how well it worked for you and all about your experience.